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PROJECTS - SecurePhone

The project SecurePhone (Secure contracts signed by mobile Phone IST-2002-506883) has been funded by the European Commission in 6th Framework Program. It was successfully completed in June 2006.

Informa has been scientific coordinator of the consortium, that involved 7 partners.

  1. SchlumbergerSema (Spain)
  2. Informa (Italy)
  3. Telefónica Móviles España (Spain)
  4. Nergal NERGAL (Italy)
  5. Institute of Phonetics of the University of Saarbrücken USAAR (Germany)
  6. University of Buckingham (UK)
  7. Groupe des Ecoles des Télécommunications (France)

The project developed a new mobile communication system infrastructure which ensures in a friendly way the mutual identification of mobile phone speakers enabling them to deal legally binding e-contracts by a mobile phone call. It has been realised an innovative prototypal 3G/B3G enabled PDA enhanced with a “biometric recogniser” in order to permit to users to mutually recognise each other and securely authenticate.

The SecurePhone then allows users to securely exchange and modify audio, image and/or text files, and finally to e-sign them with legal value, all during a phone call.

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